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Welcome to the Quilters' community. We welcome all kinds of questions and comments from the novice quilter to the advanced quilter.

If you are new to the community, here is a questionnaire you may like to fill out so that we can get to know you better. Please put your answer behind an LJ-cut.

1. How long have you been quilting?
2. Where in the world are you, and are you interested in getting in touch with other quilters from your area?
3. What methods of quilting do you prefer to use? (e.g. hand, machine, collage, etc.)
4. What kinds of things do you like to quilt? (e.g. bedding, wall quilts, etc.)
5. What projects are you working on now?
6. What kind of sewing machine do you use?
7. Have you been to any good quilting websites lately?
8. What kind of fabrics do you like? (e.g. 40's repo, civil war, brights, solids, batiks)
9. Who taught you to quilt, or did you teach yourself?
10. Do you quilt mostly for yourself or for gifts?
11. Do you buy fabric as you see it, or for projects?
12. Are there any quilts which you find particularly inspirational?

Out of courtesy to other readers, please follow these rules:

* If your post is longer than a few paragraphs, or contains more than one medium-sized image, put in an LJ-cut. This is done by putting < lj-cut > (without the spaces) before the section you wish to put behind a cut, and if need be, < /lj-cut > afterwards. The part of the post visible on the main page should certainly be short enough that someone with a 14" screen would not need to scroll down to read all of it, and preferably shorter as this is a busy community. Maximum picture width for a photo visible on the front page should be around 900 pixels, in the interest of not wrecking the friends page of folks using netbooks.

* Don't flood the community with posts. If you're working on a project, it's better to put updates as edits to the posts you have already put up within the last few days. If you end up posting every day for a spell, you will be asked to cut back.

* Play nicely with the other children. Not that we've ever had any problems in this area; if any occur, contact a mod through the LJ private messaging system.

* Put all posts in standard-sized black font. Or rather, don't meddle with the default font, leave it in peace. Attention to grammar, spelling and punctuation is appreciated, so please use your capital letters, and don't post in text speak or some of us will bite. It would also be appreciated if folks could refrain from never-ending paragraphs or large chunks of text in italics or bold, since this makes it harder for some people to read. Don't use moving images, they can cause serious problems for people with migraine, epilepsy and the like.

* If you need to edit a post after putting it up, click on the little blue pencil in the row of icons at the top.

She who dies with the most fabric wins!

A list of the professional quilters on this community may be found here.

Moderated by elettaria.

Other communities of interest


Websites of interest

The Quilter's Cache - general website with articles on quilting, and a huge library of quilt block patterns and instructions.

Quilting 101 - quilt making tips and resources.

Quilting Assistant - quilt patterns and resources.

Quilts Complete Pattern Station - online shop selling a huge range of patterns for quilting. You can either buy the patterns or use the pictures for inspiration in creating your own.

Free Online Graph Paper - enables you to print out graph paper in a variety of scales and patterns, including various triangles, diamonds, hexagons, octagons, tumbling block, diagonal squares, and squares with lines of different weight.

Jinny Beyer - website for this professional hand-quilter, including several libraries of free patterns, tips for her border print techniques, and advice for hand-quilters.

Electric Quilt - probably the most popular quilt design software around, although it's not cheap.

PC Quilt - quilting software with a free demo version. Not the most sophisticated on the market, but as a freebie it's useful. Since the free version doesn't allow you to save or print layouts, screencapping software is recommended.

Patchworkz! - a rather addictive computer game.

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