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Just Introducing Myself - Quilters

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August 20th, 2016

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10:14 pm - Just Introducing Myself

1. How long have you been quilting?
    I've been quilting for a little over a year now.
2. Where in the world are you, and are you interested in getting in touch with other quilters from your area?
    I live in Texas and I'm more of a solitary quilter.
3. What methods of quilting do you prefer to use?
    I like piecing my quilts using a machine, but I like to do the quilting by hand.
4. What kinds of things do you like to quilt?
    I like to quilt bedding.
5. What projects are you working on now?
    I'm almost finished with a Peanuts (Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown, and Lucy) baby quilt my mother helped me work on. I'm also helping my mother restore a 1930's era fan block quilt that had a couple of huge holes through it's middle.
6. What kind of sewing machine do you use?
    I use a Brother sewing and embroidery machine.
7. Have you been to any good quilting websites lately?
    Not really.
8. What kind of fabrics do you like? (e.g. 40's repo, civil war, brights, solids, batiks)
    I tend to gravitate toward small print fabrics, sort of like feed sack fabrics.
9. Who taught you to quilt, or did you teach yourself?
    My mother patentienly taught me how to quilt.
10. Do you quilt mostly for yourself or for gifts?
      I quilt mostly for myself.
11. Do you buy fabric as you see it, or for projects?
    I tend to buy fabric at thrift shops when I see it. You never know what you'll need.
12. Are there any quilts which you find particularly inspirational?
    I think the amount of work that goes into any quilt is inspiring.

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