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August 20th, 2016

10:14 pm - Just Introducing Myself
HelloCollapse )

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June 17th, 2016

02:04 pm - My latest project
I had the quilting done last week, but it took me a week to get around to sewing the back of the pillow on. The design in four taro leaves. This is all hand stitched in the Hawaiian style of quilting.



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May 15th, 2016

10:09 pm
Odd little question, but...

What do you all do with scraps of batting? Not the itty bitty little pieces, but bigger swaths that are maybe 6" wide? It doesn't seem prudent to join a bunch together to use in another quilt and yet it seems like such a waste to scrap them.

Suggestions? Or should I keep them to join together for another quilt?

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September 29th, 2015

12:47 pm - Is it me, or is the "cot quilt" competition category veering away from cot quilts?
I won two rosettes at the Scottish Quilt Championships! If you look at the top two projects here, the dinosaur quilt won second prize and the yellow wholecloth won Judge's Merit in the cot quilt category. I'm really thrilled.

That said, I was disappointed to see how few actual cot quilts were there. Read more...Collapse )

How do you define a cot quilt? What have they been like in shows you've been to? Any idea how quilt judges conceptualise cot quilts?

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August 15th, 2015

10:06 am - moderation note
membership has temporarily been set to moderator approved only due to influx of spam accounts.

(I do not know when I became a maintainer of this community, but everything is getting spammed today on LJ. Anyone else who feels strongly about this is welcome to set it back.)

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July 19th, 2015

04:15 pm - Scrappy Dear Jane, by Hand
So not long ago I took a class in hand piecing and quilting, and I absolutely loved it. The class instructors knew I was planning a Dear Jane quilt and jokingly made a comment about making the Dear Jane by hand.

The thought stuck in my head and before I realized it, I was starting a 2nd Dear Jane before I'd even begun the 1st. Since I'm crazy, I'm going to do it by hand.

I've titled it "Remember When," because each block is made up of fabrics from a past quilt...I'm even keeping track of which quilt goes with which block. Needless to say it is a very long term project. Beneath the cut are the two blocks that I have finished so far.

Finished BlocksCollapse )

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May 11th, 2015

11:05 am - No, seriously, folks, I need to work out the quilting now
I've finally done the embroidery on the dinosaur quilt, finished that wall hanging that's a late Christmas present for my sister-in-sin, am painfully aware of when the exhibition is, and have no choice but to get on with designing the quilting. Here's the quilt top. At the moment, I am making some progress on the quilting lines, and thinking more about the thread colours. This will be hand-quilted with perlé #8 cotton. Quilting density will be, hmm, probably 1-3" between lines, depending on the motif.

For the background, I am currently experimenting with flowing lines that will possibly be on the diagonal, alternating direction for each new hill section, and perhaps with occasional sets of a few graduated circles to represent, um, stones or something (and not at all because I thought it happens to look nice when desperately sketching). I have some nice hand-dyed threads from a lovely woman on Etsy, and if need be can get more. The thing is, the best look so far, at least when I'm putting threads against the quilt top, is darker threads on the lighter three sections of background, and lighter threads on the darker three sections. And I think it'll look odd if it suddenly switches halfway through. I am wondering about asking the Etsy dyer to do me some threads for the two middle ones which are about half and half light and dark, so that both show up and it helps transition it over. Or would that just look weird and patchy? It's hard to get anything at all to show up on the fourth section down.

With regard to the border, I'm going to use pale blue and pale lilac thread in a curly cloud/zephyr design for the top border, then just do curvy lines that follow the piecing for the rest. I am trying to work out which colour/s to use for the rest. Turquoise? I was thinking of light green, but then that might be odd because I'll be using it for outlining the leaves. The plan is to outline the leaves, sun rays, and possibly big pterosaur about 1/8" outside the piecing.

ETA: After trailing various threads around (seriously, how did I live before having a design wall?) I have realised that yellow/orange/pink colours look fab for quilting in the border. So I will do that, using some nice variegated threads, with the lighter ones at the top and the darker ones at the bottom. And also some lilac for the clouds. Still stuck on the main background, though.

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April 11th, 2015

12:16 am - Curious
Would any one be interested in me making a pokemon quilt?
I do want to make one but I would have to sell it, because a project like this would be a lot for me to undertake...
Previous quiltCollapse )
My IdeaCollapse )

What do you guys think? Am I way over my head with another crazy quilt idea?

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March 31st, 2015

07:36 pm - another donation quilt
I hope this makes some young Seattle Seahawks fan happier. This will be going to a group that gives quilts to kids going through a hard time. Photos behind the cut.Collapse )
Current Mood: accomplished

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February 6th, 2015

08:13 am - Trying again
Ok so I just ordered 8 yards of fabric from Spoonflower. I am determined to make my first quilt and now I have a sewing machine so it'll work I swear!

Question....can you make a quilt without batting? ......oh crap I just realized that I may not have ordered enough fabric. I want to make a full size quilt for my son...I bought 8 yards thinking I could make it 80x90 which is why I bought 8 yards....on the basis that my squares were going to be 10x10...but that doesn't give me a backing does it? I was thinking of sewing squares back to back so it was the same on each side and maybe crocheting them together....

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