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April 13th, 2014

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08:27 pm - More Expo tops
I'm not necessarily in love with these tops, but they weren't as annoying as the pink one.

This top is based on the pattern Tiki Run. The full size quilt was a "throw" or "twin" size but I figured out that by eliminating the corner brackets it was a good charity quilt size.

 photo IMG_4317_zpse3b8fd4a.jpg

The unfortunate thing is that whoever was in charge of typing the course preparation instructions on the Expo site was an idiot and completely messed up several classes. And the photos they posted of the projects were pretty atrocious too. Several instructors were quite unhappy about this.

This class was affected. The resulting instructions were so awful that I thought I had to cut a whole lot of miscellaneous fabrics into a lot of odball sizes, when in actuality it was the background that was supposed to be cut that way. No big deal, since I had a 4 yard background piece that could be cut to what I needed in class, and actually cutting all the miscellaneous pieces would have been a waste since I was altering down to the charity quilt size. Now I just have to figure out what to do with all those miscellaneous pieces I had cut.

Anyway, I was able to make the whole thing in the allotted class time, so that was nice. It will need some nice quilting. I'm not sure what color thread, though.

Another class was from a book... Graphic Mixx? Something like that. Once again the Expo staffer screwed up the instructions. The instructor, who is a fabric vendor, caught on to the problem and brought bolts of fabric along for everyone to choose background fabric from. Since the typos had called the smaller blocks "background" I had that in off-white muslin and the larger ones in bright colors so the only one of the fabrics that really worked was a dark brown. I hate brown Fortunately it's a charity quilt so I don't have to like it.

 photo IMG_4319_zpscc8f9969.jpg

I got about 1/3 of the quilt done in class. One of the students had never quilted before and she was absolutely terrified. I'm not sure why since it wasn't very difficult and let's face it, it's just fabric. She didn't get far but at least she's started on the project.

It took a couple days' work when I got home to finish it, partly because I kept getting things oddly turned around, like an idiot. I don't know why but the pattern in these colors makes me think of Seminole patchwork. It's not even close, but for whatever reason it looks like it to me.

TESTING ONLY: for some reason the HTML has gone insane on my computer or on the Internet if I've touched it, don't mind me.
knit afghan:
 photo IMG_4318_zpsff23a608.jpg

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Date:April 16th, 2014 04:02 pm (UTC)
Ach, those should be straightforward quilts, they shouldn't have messed it up.

Variegated blue thread for the first quilt, going from light to dark? Not sure about the second, my school uniform was brown and light blue so I'm sort of shying away from the colour scheme. Nice work, anyway, and I really admire you for getting all these charity quilts made.

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