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January 22nd, 2013

12:04 pm - Half-inch hexagons
[[ Mods, I hope this is okay, if not please let me know and I'll remove the post. ]]

Hello fellow quilters! Recently I signed up for a quilting class in my home town, hoping to make some new friends. Now that that particular mission is accomplished, I found out that machine piecing feels too much like factory work and hand-sewing is my thing. I've gotten completely hooked on English paper piecing, more specifically: wrapping tiny ½ inch paper hexagons with a tiny bit of fabric and sewing everything together by hand. Of course, my daily commute is only enabling me in this addiction...and so is my mother.

My nearby quilt store sells "scrap bags" with small pieces of fabric that are just perfect for my project. They feature mostly a mix of reproduction fabrics and antique-looking fabrics, so nothing very modern in print or colour. The scrap bag contains a certain amount of fabric as a minimum (I believe minimally a fat quarter size) and costs € 6.-
My first scrap bag had 16 different fabrics in it, and I've by now bought two more. It got me thinking about this community. Surely there are people holding on to small scraps of fabric for 'that one time it might come in handy'.

Bloemen makenI was thinking that perhaps if people were willing to get rid of some of their scraps, we might make it a trade. I'm mostly looking for brown fabrics, with a dash of red, cream or off-white.
If I got my math right, I'll need more than 3000 hexagons to finish my quilt. Most of this will be the solid colour I'm using as a border, but I'm looking for other fabrics for the flowers.

So I don't know if this is appropriate or not (mods, please let me know if I'm crossing a line here!), but I was hoping to get into contact with people who have some scraps they want to get rid of in their spring cleaning. I'm also willing to trade, sending you a similar amount of fabric in exchange for fabric scrap pieces. If you send me a few scraps measuring together a fat quarter, I will send you a fat quarter in return if you want!
From a scrap of fabric 4 by 5 inches I can make one hexagon flower, but I realise this is large enough for other blocks too.
I just hope to get a ton of different fabrics for this quilt, because that would be so cool. Collaborative effort through the community!

One thing I should mention is that I'm in the Netherlands and shipping could be a little costly.

Drop me a line in a comment and we can discuss details :-)
Current Location: the Netherlands

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